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ABOUT ME: Judi Shapiro-Thiel

I have a love affair with bikes. For 30 years, I have been an avid outdoor road cyclist. I was a USCF certified racer and competed in sanctioned races and time trials.  I rode with both the LA Sheriff’s Bicycle Team and Club. I LOVE CLIMBING HILLS on my bike and would love to share my passion with you!  Simply said, cycling is a true love of mine!

I started cycling right out of high school, in 1983.  What was a way to get some exercise, soon turned into a FULL ON passion.  I started on a "mixtee", graduated to a "mountain bike" then onto a road bike by the time I was 22.  I can't get enough of being out on my bike.  Hill climbing, specifically, is my challenge and my love.  There is a sense of power, both physically and mentally, that one gets when climbing higher and higher to reach the apex of a hill stage.  There is nothing like it!

I started Indoor Cycling/Spinning in 1996 when I became pregnant with my first child (and was unable to race outdoors anymore) and I haven't stopped!  It is such a fun, safe and incredibly effective workout.   I love to share my passion for cycling, both indoors and out, with others!!  I became an instructor in 2010 and have never been happier with what I do!!!

I am a Certified Personal Trainer and a Group Exercise Instructor focusing on MOTIVATION, SKILL, PERFORMANCE and BUILDING INTENSITY!  I love to MOVE and I want YOU to love it, too!!!  I feel that working out is my PLAYTIME, just like what kids do.  Let me create that PLAYTIME for you, too!!  Together, we can create POSITIVE CHANGE in both our lives!!!  

My certifications and trainings include AFAA Personal Training Certification, AFAA Primary Group Exercise, Schwinn Indoor Cycling,   Johnny G. Spinning Certified Instructor, Stages Cycling, AFAA Indoor Cycling and Keiser Indoor Cycling.  My certifications and real road riding experience coupled with intense trainings with Master Instructors have given me the knowledge and expertise to provide a safe, fun, powerful AND effective workout for all levels.  I am in the process of becoming a USA certified outdoor cycling coach, level 3.

I lead  fun, safe, effective cycling, sculpting, toning and endurance classes, always giving my clients 1000% of what I have to offer!  Not only am I a Certified Personal Trainer, but I am also certificated to teach Boot Camp, kickboxing, sculpting, aqua and SilverSneakers!

“I believe in the mind/body connection. My goal is to change your mind… which will in turn change your body…. Which will change your life!!”

Now I have my own studio, Crank It Up: Cycle Row Strength.  I handpicked the equipment in this studio to give you the BEST workout, high cardio plus strength, in a 1 hour class.  You push, you pull, you lift...  Non-impact, high energy and ALL CORE CENTERED!!